Wedding Planning Timeline

As soon as you book

Once your wedding has been booked and confirmed, there is a bride and groom form to complete and return to us and a deposit of 350 euros to pay  (by credit/debit card, bank or currency transfer).

We’re available for you at any time for your emails

12 months 9 months before the wedding

We will contact you to start the planning for your big day and to begin to get confirmed prices for your wedding and everything you need.

We will send you a Wedding Day Summary with lots of options for your wedding.  We’ll use this document and pass it between us until all the options are confirmed and your wedding is totally organised and priced.  This summary is your wedding day order – anything that is not on the summary is not part of our agreement

5 months before the wedding

We will begin the preparation of your paperwork by sending you a personalised document all about your documents and what you need to prepare.  This is different depending on individual circumstances.

There will be forms to complete, sign and return to us for the local Registrar.

As each document is ready, you’ll scan and email it to us for checking so you know everything is correct as you go along.

Check that your passports are both in date for travel (and check your bridesmaids/best man/ family‘s passports too

10 - 8 weeks before the wedding

Your documents should all be ready and you will courier them to us in resort for the translations/final checks before the documents are submitted to the town hall on your behalf

8 - 6 weeks before the wedding

Final numbers will be required for the venue/caterers.

6 - 4 weeks before the wedding

Your wedding day summary is complete and has been checked and approved by you.  Payment for your wedding is due in full.

2 weeks before the wedding

We’ll schedule a skype chat with you so we can run though any final details/changes/questions /queries with you so you’re relaxed when you arrive.

1 week before the wedding

Ensure you have all original forms (you will have already scanned and emailed them to us) and your passports/travel documents/euros all ready.

When you arrive

Your wedding day summary will show the date and time that we have arranged to meet you at your hotel to do all the final checks for your wedding and visit venues (if there is time).   Please bring all your paperwork and any decorations to this meeting.  This meeting is the final meeting before the wedding where we will check the summary together and ensure everything is still correct.